Ch Shardanell Showstopper

*02/20/2007  †09/26/2019


Ch Shardanell Showstopper
*02/20/2007  †09/26/2019

German Champion VDH
German Champion DRC Club
German Junior Champion
Junior Winner Berlin 2008
Saarland – Junior Winner 2008

3 Junior – CAC
3 Res. Junior – CAC
5 CAC, Anw. Dt. Ch., DRC Club and VDH
1 CAC, Anw. Dt. Ch. GRC Club and VDH
3 Res. CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. Ch. DRC Club and VDH
1 Res. CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. Ch. GRC Club and VDH
1 Res. Anw. Dt. CH. VDH, National
1 CAC, Anw. Dt. CH. VDH, International
2 Res. CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. CH. VDH, International


CH Lovehayne Quentin J.W.S.G.W.C. x Shardanell Party Girl

Health results

HD A2, ED 0/0, HC/PRA/RD free



14 months old male, excellent type, masculine head with a domed scull. Wide, deep muzzle, strong dark pigment. Exceptional topline with correct tail set, pronounced forechest. Excellent angulations. Very good strength of bone. Straight front  when standing. Moves smoothly, with good reach. Excellent coat. Friendly temperament.

Character test

The 14 month old golden male is full of temperament and eager to move. He is very persistent and attentive. Prey and etrieving  instincts are more or less recognizable. The male has built up a very trusting bond with his owners. The will to obey is pronounced. When dealing with strangers, the male is friendly and trusting, and confident and fearless in restricting situations. On the course, the male looks at all situations, some of them on his own.
Shot: sure and fearless.
A very persistent, attentive male, who is fearless and confident.

Danell was an extremely successful stud dog who sired more than 100 offspring.
We are very happy that he lives on in them!


May 25, 2008 Guide Dog Certificate
April 20, 2008 Temperament Test, judge: E. Weißenborn


Champion Class

December 3, 2011 DRC Clubschau Kassel
Exc. 3
Judge: Mr. B. Espeland (N) Zenana
Strong well-made dog, lovely masculine head and expression, lovely length of neck, balanced in quarters, nice proportions, straight topline, not in his best coat, nice bone and feet, nice mover.

September 10, 2011 GRC Special Breed Show Gelsenkirchen
Exc. 3
Judge: Jesse Borregaard-Madsen (DK)
Masculine male of good size, correct proportions, well set ear, good length of neck ends in a good level topline, correct straight bone, well angulated in front and rear, well set tail, correct coat, good structure, good sound mover.

September 3, 2011 DRC Special Breed Show Lich
Exc. 2, Res. CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. Champion DRC Club and VDH
Judge: Mrs. M. Scott Jespersen (DK)

August 27, 2011 DRC Special Breed Show Kreuztal
Exc. 3
Judge: Penny Gowland (GB) Remington
Very worthy champion, 4 years at age, substance and vitality to really show himself off. Balanced outline, very lovely expression. Little strong in skull, good reach of neck, correctly constructed forequaters, good forechest, good bone, pastern and feet. Straight front, lovely topline and tail set. Deep ribcage, exellent quarters which he uses to advantage on the move.

June 13, 2011, National Breed ShowSaarbrücken 2011
Exc. 3
Judge: H. Müller (CH)

January 29, 2011 DRC New Year Show Herrenberg
Exc. 4
Judge: Mr.G.Hennessy (GB) Ritzilyn
Real quality, lovely head, very soft expression, kind eye, super topline and tailset, straight front, good bone, well balanced all through.

December 12, 2010, CACIB Kassel
Exc. 2, Res. Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH
Judge: M. Möller-Sieber (D)

December 04, 2010, DRC Club Show Kassel
Exc. 3
Judge: C.Ashton, (GB) Willowlawn
Well presented pale boy. With strong masculine head. Lovely balanced outline. With good reach of neck and lovely topline and tail set. Balanced front and rear angulation. Happy active mover.

November 27, 2010, Club ShowCloppenburg
Exc. 2, Res. CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. Ch., GRC Club and VDH
Judge: Jim Richardson (GB), Darrochonna
Possesess great balance. I love his height to length proportions. Masculine head with kind eye and soft expression. Strong reach of neck, good forehand. He has a deep mature body, strong over the loin. Well developed and muscled hind quarters, correct tail set. Covers the ground with ease and style. A worthy champion.

Open Class

July 31, 2010, CACIB Bremen
Exc. 2, Res. CAC, Res. Anw. German Champion VDH
Judge: G. Kastl, (D):
Masculine and very substantial, distinctly strong and expressive head, exquisitely attached neck, exquisite depth of chest and volume, remarkable angulations, lively movements, not quite firm in the elbows.

June 19, .2010, GRC Münsterland Show Beckum
Exc. 1, CAC, Anw. Dt. Ch. GRC Club and VDH,
Judge: Sue Russel (GB), Kennel Rosinante:
Very mature boy, good head, dark eye, excellent layback in upper arm, straight front, good depth of chest, level topline, good bent of stifle, making a very balanced picture, good coat and condition, very well presented and showed, moved well.
BOS, Bester Rüde der Ausstellung

May 30th, 2010 CACIB Giessen
Exc. 2, Res. CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. Ch.VDH and DRC Club
Judge: Vera Wilk (D):
3 year old male of excellent type. Appealing masculine head. Excellent length of neck, straight topline with correct tail set, deep, broad chest with very well developed forechest. Strong loin area. Excellent angulation of fore and hindquarters. Excellent pigment, strength of bone and skin structure. In the movement good reach and with good drive from the hindquarters. The dog was presented very well.

January 30, 2010 New Year Show Herrenberg
Exc. 2, Res. CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH and Club (DRC)
Judge: M. Holm-Hansen, DK

October 17, 2009, Bundessieger Show Dortmund
Exc. 2, Res. CAC,
upgraded to CAC Anw. Dt. Champion VDH,
because it was the Bundessieger Show according to VDH-reglementation

Intermediate Class

February 15, 2009, National Show Rheinberg
Exc. 2, Res. Anw. Dt. CH.VDH

January 31, 2009 DRC Special Breed Show Herrenberg
Exc. 1, Anw. Dt. Champion Club and VDH
Judge: Mr. M. Shortman (GB), Bridgefarm

December 02, 2008 CACIB Kassel
Exc. 2 Res. CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH
Judge: F.J.M. Knippenborg

November 15, 2008 DRC Club Show Kassel
Exc. 1, CAC, Anw. Dt. Champion Club and VDH
Judge: Mrs. E. Mjelde, Norway
This is some lovely dog; masculine head with excellent pigment; super neck and shoulder; well balanced lovely body with good topline; excellent angulated behind, in good coat, moved with drive.

October 19, 2008 14.Rheinland Show Bonn
Exc. 1, CAC and Anw. Dt. Champion Club and VDH
Judge: Ann Christin Johansson
Overall balanced dog, with a very nice masculine head and expression, excellent neck and topline, excellent body and excellent angulation, good bone, nice mover, excellent presentation.

October 18, 2008 National Breed Show Dortmund
Exc. 1, Anw. Dt. Champion VDH
Judge: Denis Kuzelj (Slov)

September 20, 2008 Special Breed Show Winnenden:
Exc. 1, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH and Club
Judge: Heather Morris (GB), Sundusky:
strong masculine head, lovely reach of neck, good bone and substance, well laid back shoulders, dead level topline, superb outline, excellent well angulated quarters, shown in lovely coat and condition, moved with plenty of drive and handled to perfection.

Junior Class

July 05, 2008, Special Breed Show GRC, Gelsenkirchen
Exc. 2, Junior CAC Res. Anw. Dt. Junior Champion VDH and Club
Judge: Mrs. J Hays (GB)
Lovely baby of 16 month, super head, masculine but not overdone, beautiful neck, shoulders and upper arm, level topline, correct tail set, good bent of stifle, short neat hocks, handled to perfection, moved with drive.

June 22, 2008, CACIB Brüssel:
Exc. 2

May 24, 2008, CACIB Gießen:
Exc. 3

May 12, 2008 CACIB Saarbrücken
Exc. 1, Junior CAC,VDH
Judge: Walter Schicker

April 06, 2008 CACIB Berlin:
Exc. 1, Junior CAC,VDH and Club (DRC)
Judge: Vera Wilk

March 30, 2008 Special Breed Show Cloppenburg:
Exc. 2, Res. Junior CAC,VDH and Club(GRC)
Judge: Sigrid Holzer

January 26, 2008 Special Breed Show Herrenberg:
Exc. 2, Res. Junior CAC,VDH and Club(DRC)
Judge: Raimund Gabriel

December 08, 2007 CACIB Kassel:
Exc.1, qualification for German Junrion Champion Club and German Junior Champion VDH
Judge: Gisela Werner:
Typical very friendly male in good condition, best strength of bone, best hair, very correct when standing, beautiful head, correct length of neck, moves with good drive, well presented.

Puppy Class

September 08, 2007 Special Breed Show Lich

September 09, 2007 CACIB Leipzig:
Judge Mrs. Vera Wilk:
6 month old vv male, excellent fore and hindquarter angulations, straight top line, excellent length of neck, excellent strength of bone and pigment, a very appealing head, a very promising puppy, friendly, playful nature

November 17, 2007 DRC Club Show Kassel:
Judge: Mrs.C.Collins, North Irland:
very balanced 8 month old puppy, excellent front angulation, clean neck and well placed shoulder, level topline and tail set, excellent head, beautiful expression, dark eye and good pigmentation.


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