About us

Dogs have been part of my life since I was a child, I started with walking the neighbor’s dog, than our family had had two own dogs…

In 1986 I got to know the Golden Retriever breed and Golden Frisco vom Wachholderpark moved in with me. He was my companion for 16 years, a time I will never forget. He was the reason that my love for the Goldens solidified. When Frisco turned 11, Nightingale’s Fellow Captain Calvin and later Travis of Graceful Delight enriched our pack.

When Frisco reached the old age of 16, we had to say goodbye. We will never forget him.

My main interest over the years was and is to treat our dogs according to their abilities. I take my dogs to dummy tests, hunting tests, working tests and cold game working tests in Germany and abroad. It is a very reasonable way to keep our retrievers busy, according to their abilities.

In addition to working with our dogs, we also show them at dog shows.

It gives us a lot of pleasure and it is very important for us, that Golden Retrievers, who are successful in tests – either hunting tests or in dummy work – are also presented successfully at dog shows.

We, my husband and I, enjoy this life together with our dogs and we believe that our Goldens also enjoy their life with us.