Ch Travis of Graceful Delight

*05/13/2001 †12/13/2015


Ch Travis of Graceful Delight
*05/13/2001 †12/13/2015

German Champion DRC
German champion with working certificate
German Champion VDH
Luxembourg Champion
Ortenau Winner ’05
Club winner with working certificate ’03
Junior Winner Kassel´02
1-BOS, 3-BOB, 2-BIS
German Veteran Champion DRC
German Veteran Champion VDH
Veteran winner Saarbrücken 2011

Best veteran of all FCI groups
11x best veteran of the breed GRC, DRC, VDH
Second best veteran of all FCI groups
2nd place of all FCI groups in the veteran class
Third Best veteran of all FCI groups

1 junior CAC, 3 res.-junior CAC
25 CAC, Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH and Club
21 Res .CAC, Res. Anw. Dt.Ch. VDH and Club
1 Res. Anw. Dt. CH. VDH, National

7 Vet CAC, Anw. Dt. Veteran Champion DRC Club and VDH
2 Res. Vet CAC, Res. Anw. Dt. Veteran Champion DRC Club and VDH
4 Vet CAC, Anw. Dt. Veteran Champion GRC Club and VDH
2 Res. Vet CAC, Res.  Anw. Dt. Veteran Champion GRC Club and VDH
3 Vet CAC, Dt. Veteran Champion International
2 Vet CAC, Dt. Veteran Champion VDH, National


Multi CH World Winner Lorinford Harlequin x DT CH Kerrin of Graceful Delight

Health results

HD B1, ED 0/0, HC / PRA / RD free
After voluntary cardiac examination: subaortic stenosis-free


Shot test: sure, interested. Good size, masculine. Well-cut head, very good expression, very good anatomy, correct in all parts, movement a bit tight at the back, good coat and character.

Character test

The 16-month-old golden male shows the desired golden character during the entire character test. He is full of temperament and eager to move, very playful, has built a very good, trusting bond with his owners, likes to submit himself happily and shows good will-to-please. When dealing with strangers, the male is friendly and willing to play, confident and fearless in the confining situations. The male shows a pronounced prey and retrieve instinct. On the course, the male aproaches all situations all by himself. He is bulletproof – a very attentive, persistent male with a pronounced human relationship.

Suitable for special hunting performance breeding

Limited frozen semen available for approved bitches. (UNI-Giesen February 2009)
Lorinford Harlequin

SF 02124/93 C.I.B. Int.-Ch. Fin./Poln.-Ch. WS'00 ES'00
Winner-Fin.'99/Poznan'00 Fin.-Jagd.-Ch. Fin. Jagdpröv
Lorinford Lancelot
Nortonwood Checkmate

Davern Figaro
Nortonwood Canella
Lorinford PlaygirlFourwinds Bossanova of Lorinford
Lorinford Empress Aslemed
Lorinford Lovestory
Chevanne Free'n Easy of LorinfordStyal Scott of Glengilde
Orchis Crystal Clear of Chevanne
Lorinford Daydreamer
Styal Souvenir of Nortonwood
Lorinford Playgirl
Kerrin of Graceful Delight

Dt.-Ch.(m.Arb.) WT Dummy A BLP Brugspr.
Markpr.A+B(Beg.+Aben.Kl.) Workingtest
Friendship Classic Tattoo
GB-Show/Lux.-Ch. JW
Mjaerumhögda's Classic Sound
Int.-Ch. Norw./Fin./Nord./NL-Ch.
Noravon Cornelius
Fin. Ch.
Gitles Natascha
Perrimay Fadilla
Norw. Ch.
Stirchley Saxon
GB-Show-Ch. CW'93
Perrimay Sea Fantasy
Shadowfax Amazing Graces
VDH-Ch. BLP Brugspr.
Riis Diago
Int.-Ch. Dän.-Ch. BLP Markpr. B
Markpr. A Brugspr.
Riis Eliza
Teacher's Passion Echo
Markpr. B
Teacher's Perfect Partner
Int.-Ch. Schwed.-Show/Nord.-Ch.
Delindas Darling-Evelin