Ch Shardanell Theo

*March 22, 2017


Crufts Qualification

Ch Shardanell Theo
*March 22, 2017
Crufts Qualification

German Champion DRC Club
German Champion GRC Club
German Champion VDH

Bundessieger 2021
Winner Brandenburg 2019
German youth champion GRC
Junior Winner Brandenburg 2018
German Champion DRC Club
German Champion GRC Club
German Champion VDH

3 Res. CACIB

12 CAC, Anw. DT. Ch. DRC Club
6 CAC, Anw.Dt Ch. GRC Club
20 CAC, Anw. DT. Ch. VDH
1 Res.-CAC DRC Club
2 Res.-CAC GRC Club
3 Res.- CAC, Anw. DT. Ch. VDH
3 Jugend – CAC

Champion Class:

Bundesieger Ausstellung 2021
EX 1 , 1 CAC – DRC , 2 CAC- VDH , CACIB , BOB , Bundessieger 2021 , Crufts Qualification
Judge : Kalvo Kriisk (E)
excellent type of size , masculine head , very kind expression , excellent topline , well – set of tail , strong body and bones , excellent forechest , well angulated front and rear ,
beautiful coat , good movement , nice temperament.

SRA  Mark Bibart   19.09.2021
Ex1 , CAC – GRC , CAC – VDH , BOB !!
Judge: Raimund Gabriel (D)
4 year old strong, balanced dog of excellent type, strong head, deep muzzle, correct ears, harmonic flow of topline, balanced forechest, excellent angulations, deep ribcage, strong loins, correct tailset, harmonic movement with a lot of stride, excellent coat, well presented.

SRA Beckum 28.08.2021
Richterin: Gisela Werner (D)
An overall picture of a very harmonious dog, excellent coat, very beautiful head, soft expression, nice forechest, also shows good power and stride in the movement and is presented very well.

German Winner 2021 21.08.2021

Judge: Manuela Schärr (CH)
4 year old harmonically built crème coloured dog, excellent size, masculine head, excellent angulations, deep and broad chest, excellent carriage of tail, fluid movement with a lot of stride, very well groomed coat, good temperament, very kind nature.

1st Westerwald SRA Altenkirchen September 07, 2020

V2, Res. CAC-GRC, Res. CAC VDH
Judge: Martin Kopfer (Ger)
2 1/2 year old cream-colored, superbly built, typical male, masculine skull, with a gentle expression, very good pigment, full scissor bite, very good neck and top line, correct tail set, correct shoulder position, excellent angulation of the hind quarters, deep and wide rib cage, good filled loin, moves with excellent drive from the hindquarters in the ring, excellently presented.

CACIB Mouscron January 26, 2020
Exc. 2
Judge:  Mrs Leen van Genechten

7th SRA Erkrath September 07, 2019
Exc. 1 , CAC-GRC , CAC VDH
Judge: Mr Jim Richardson (GB)
Nice Quality thoughout, balanced with no exaggerations, masculine head, intelligent expression, good ear set, well laid shoulders, with adequate upper arm, short in couplings, strong level back line, well developed hind quaters, slightly rolling on the move, but not carrying excessive weight, a worthy champion

German Winner Show Leipzig October 25, 2019
Exc. 1, CAC – DRC, double CAC VDH, Res.CACIB
Judge: R.Gabriel (Ger)
Compact 2, 5 year old mature male, excellent head, good size, harmonic topline, distinct fore-chest, well-formed chest, broad front, short coupled, excellent front and hind angulation, correct tail set, excellent bone, very good pace, excellent coat, balanced nature, excelently presented.

IDS Leipzig October 24, 2019
Judge: C. Lohmann (Ger)
2 years and 5 months old male, very substantial male, head full of type, correct top line, harmonic angulations, excellent forechest, excellent coat, flowing movement, very friendly behavior.

4th SRA Special Breed Show Pfronten September 27, 2019
Judge: Gisela Werner (Ger)
2 year old, tall, boned, large-framed male, overall harmonic picture, but should not get heavier, well-ribbed chest, distinct fore-chest, the head is well formed, a little drier would be even more of advantage, very nice head position, fluid and bouncy in the movement.

Open Class:

23rd Open Air SRA Stuhr – Heiligenrode June 29, 2019
Exc. 1 CAC – DRC, CAC – VDH
Judge: Lene Johansen (DK)
Excellent type. Masculine good sizes. Excellent head and expression. Lovely neck and topline. Well angulated front and rear. Standing foursquare. Strong bone and good feet. Excellent mover with excellent drive. Beautiful coat.

19th SRA Itzehoe May 26, 2019
Exc. 3
Judge: Gabi Orru, D
2 year old friendly male, excellent strength of bone, good size, shows class in movement with a lot of reach, excellent neckline, straight top line, excellent tail set and tail carriage, deep rib cage, good overall proportions, straight legs, great movement

International Dog Show Neumünster 2019 May 25th, 2019
Judge: Simone Nester, D (Elysian Blonds)
A super beautiful, strong and well-proportioned male, excellently cut expressive masculine head, excellent neck and top line with correct tail set and tail carriage, excellent front and rear angulation, nice width and depth of chest, correct legs with cat paws, very nice strength of bone, a wonderful representative of his breed, excellently presented

VDH – European Winner Show May 19, 2019
Exc. 2, Res.-Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH Full-fledged CAC
Judge: Mrs. Gillian Wicklow, (UK)
Lovely type of dog, very pleasing head, straight front, very good shoulder placement and upper arm, level topline, good bent of stifle, straight hocks, moved extremely well.

1st SRA Zeestow  May 05, 2019
Exc.1, CAC DRC, CAC VDH Best male BOS
Judge: Mr. Frank Whyte (GB)
Masculine dog of good size and overall body shape, good skull and muzzle, nice eye and expression, good neck, well laid shoulder, very good legs and feet, strong in his loin and well angled in rear, good tail set, moved lovely with steady gait, presented in good coat and condition.

26th Brandenburg Winner Show May 4th, 2019
Exc.1, CAC DRC, CAC VDH, best male, BOS,
Winner Brandenburg 2019
Judge: Mrs Hilary Male (GB)
Masculine head and expression, balanced dog, excellent length of neck into well laid back shoulders, good forechest, deep chest, short in loin, good front and rear angles, level topline which he held on the move, moved well and soundly.

1st SRA Leipzig GRC April 28, 2019
Exc. 1, CAC GRC, CAC VDH, Best of Breed, BOB
Judge: Judit Beke, Ungarn
2 years, very nice type, beautiful head, needs more elegant neck, level topline, very good front, lovely short body, good rear angulation, correct movement, very good coat type, nice temperament

SRA Cloppenburg GRC April 06, 2019
Exc. 2 , Res. CAC-GRC , Res. CAC VDH
Judge : Brian Moran IR
Nice pale dog with a good head and pigmentation, good forechest, good angulations front and rear, good topline, good depth of chest, moved well, coat in good condition and nice outline when standing.


National Dog Show Kassel, December 8th, 2018
Exc.1 CAC – DRC, CAC – VDH, best male, BOS
Judge: Gisela Werner
Typical and substantial male, excellent hair, expressive masculine head, dark eyes, the neck and shoulders are worth to be praised, a model when standing, expansive in the move

SRA Wenden, September 16, 2018
Exc. 3
Judge: Fiona Clarkson, GB
Loved this gentle happy boy, presented in excellent coat and condition, mature for age, he has a super forehand, matched with good bend of stifle, soft masculine head and expression, level topline, straight front legs feet would benefit from better trimming

German Winner Leipzig, August 26, 2018
Exc. 1 CAC – VDH, CACIB Res., Upgraded to CACIB
Judge: M. Skott Jespersen
17 month old male from excellent breeding, excellent head, dark eyes, excellent neck, fore-chest and chest, excellent standing topline, restless in movement, excellent angulations back and front, fluid movement, excellent coat, very good presentation

CACIB Leipzig, August 25, 2018
Exc.1 CAC – VDH
Judge: Simone Nester, D
17 months old male of excellent disposition, head full of type with friendly expression, excellent neck and top line, correctly attached and carried tail, compact muscular loin, excellent angulations front and rear, excellent movement, could be a little drier in the back, excellently presented

CACIB Giessen, August 5th, 2018
Exc. 1 CAC – DRC
Judge: Sigrid Holzer, A
16 month old male of excellent type, great head proportions, beautiful dark pigment, level neck and top line, great chest proportions, correct angulations, very nice coat, fluid movement with expansive reach, nice temperament.

DRC Clubschau Neukirchen – Vluyn July 14, .2018
Exc. 2 , Res. CAC-DRC , Res. CAC VDH
Judge: Mr. Jose Miquel Doval Sanchez, ES
very nice type, excellent proportions, excellent maturity for his age, masculine head with sweet expression, excellent neck and topline, very good angulations, excellent coat quality, good movements, sometimes a bit happy, exellent

SRA Winsen DRC June 24, 2018
Exc. 1, CAC-DRC
Judge: Birgit Rabe, D
15 month old male full of type. masculine head and expression very well angled forehand with a pronounced forechest, correct muscular hindquarters, straight firm back, correct tail set, already very strong for his age, he moves correctly and with a lot of momentum

Junior Class:

Diedersdorf DRC May 05, 2018
Exc.1 CAC – J
Judge: Mrs. Liz Keene, GB
lovely outline on this young dog, just love his head and expression, very well made, with good shoulders and correct straight upper arm, level topline held on the move, well muscled quarters, moves very well when settled

Itzehoe GRC June 02, 2018
Exc. 1, VDH Anw. Dt. JCH, J-CAC-GRC
Judge: Dagmar Winter
top quality, already well developed for his age, strong masculine head, correct proportions, very good length of neck, sloping shoulder, straight topline, well-developed forechest, correct angulation, fluid, expansive gait

Neumünster June 3rd, 2018
Exc. 1, VDH Anw. Dt. JCH, J-CAC-GRC
Judge: Sigrid Holzer, A
14 month old male of excellent type, wonderful head with great expression, slight dewlap, very good upper and lower lines, great chest proportions, correct angulations, expansive, flowing movements with a slightly rolling back, very nice coat, well presented

Puppy Class:

Cloppenburg GRC November 25, 2017
lovely young dog with a masculine head and excellent expression, excellent neck and shoulder, good body and strong topline, well angulated behind, with good bone, moved freely and good coat

German Winner Show Leipzig November 08, 2017
Richter: Wolfgang Trumpfheller

Bundessieger Show Dortmund October 14, 2017
Judge: Sjoerd Jobse, S
Six month, quite happy dog, nice masculine head, soft expression, enough neck, correct top line, good tail set, very balanced in angulations, deep in body with good substance, strong bone, moved with good reach and drive, should not be heavier, nice coat and condition, lovely temperament.

Erkrath GRC September 09, 2017
vv1, Best Baby
Judge: Sandra Whelan, IRL
5 month old cream boy of excellent type, super head a very balanced puppy, good front and rear angulation, very confident, good tail set, presented very well, this puppy should have a very bright future, very promising.