Ch Shardanell Theo

*March 22, 2017


Ch Shardanell Theo
*March 22, 2017

German Champion DRC Club
German Champion GRC Club
German Champion VDH

Winner Brandenburg 2019
German Junior Champion GRC
Junior Winner Brandenburg 2018
German Champion DRC Club
German Champion GRC Club
German Champion VDH
2 res. CACIB

10 CAC, Anw. Dt. Ch. DRC Club
5 CAC, Anw.Dt Ch. GRC Club
16 CAC, Anw. DT. Ch. VDH
1 res.-CAC DRC Club
2 res.-CAC GRC Club
3 res.- CAC, Anw. DT. Ch. VDH
3 Junior – CAC


Shardanell Just Like That x Shinehill Tianna by Shardanell

Health results

HD A1 / A1, ED 0/0, HC / PRA / RD free, GR PRA 1 free by inheritance, GR PRA 2 free by inheritance, Goniodysplasie free


Excellent overall appearance, masculine head, a lot of charisma, dark eyes, excellent ears, superbly built, correct in all details, free, ground covering movement with good reach.

Character test


Temperament, movement and play instinct:
The 14 month old golden male has a strong temperament, he is very playful and likes to move around.
Endurance, fearlessness, toughness, attention:
He has endurance and is fearless.
Prey and retrieving instinct, tracing and rummaging instinct:
The male’s retrieving abilities are playful and enduring.
Subordination and attachment:
Bonding and will to submit are good.
Confidence towards people, circle test, supine position:
He likes to approach people openly. He is absolutely self-confident in the circle and in the side position.
Confidence in optical and acoustic stimulation:
He walks playfully through the circle with the optical and acoustic stimulations with his owners.

Shot resistance:
He is confident when shots are fired.
A friendly male who is enthusiastic about people in all test situations.

Limited frozen and chilled semen available to approved bitches. ( Hundesamenbank, Praxis am Dorney, July 2020)
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