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CH. Travis of Graceful Delight
Best Veteran all FCI-Groups
Best in Show CACIB Offenburg 12.03.2011

News 2020


Our new website is online – we hope you enjoy looking at it!

A big thank you goes to Ingrid Heinisch (Foto and Web) for the new design and the transfer of the contents of the old website.
Thank you very much for the mutual ideas and the excellent technical advice and competence in realising our ideas and wishes.
Thank you Ingrid – we look forward to more excellent cooperation in the future!

08/01/2020 Matheo

1. Westerwald SRA Altenkirchen
Ex. 2, res. CAC-GRC, res. CAC VDH
Judge: Martin Kopfer (Germany)
2 1/2 year old cream-colored, superbly built, typical male, masculine skull, with a gentle expression, very good pigment, full-tooth scissor bite, very good neck and top line, correct tail set, correct shoulder blade position, excellent hind angulation, deep and wide rib cage, well filled loin, moves with excellent drive from the hindquarters in the ring, excellently presented


Puppies are born at kennel v. d. Beerse Hoeve!
The puppies out of Ladyhawke v. d. Beerse Hoeve and Shardanell Theo are born! Together with Mieke Gerritsen we are very happy about these puppies!

01/26/2020 Matheo

CACIB Mouscron
Shown for the first time in the new year, Matheo is placed with Ex. 2. A nice start into the New Year 2020!!!

News 2019

12/25/2019 Matheo

We are happy to announce  the mating of Ch. Shardanell Theo to Pink Robin v.d. Corner Brook.
The puppies are expected around Christmas time.

09/30/2019 Matheo

At Kennel Fields of Gold, breeder Marie-Jose Sengers, puppies from the mating of Fields of Gold Beside the Sea & Ch Shardanell Theo are expected.

09/07/2019 Matheo

7. SRA Erkrath GRC
We can’t believe it!! At the age of 2.5 years, Matheo again wins a champion class of great quality!
Then he was picked for best male.
This CAC was the last CAC he needed to become a German Champion GRC (Club).
Now we are waiting for the official certificate of the title German Champion GRC, as well as the certificate of the title German Champion VDH.
I would like to thank  Mirjam Fuchs very much for the beautiful presentation of Matheo in the ring in movement!
Thanks to the judge Mr. Jim Richardson for the nice report on Matheo.
As always, you can find the judge’s report on the “Show Results” page.

A big thank you to all the judges who judged and placed Matheo so well and made it possible for him to achieve the title of “Multi Champion” at the age of 2.5 years.

09/01/2019 Matheo

Matheo and Mette will be parents!!!!
Anna Kovrizenko’s Kennel Moriani is expecting puppies from Ch. Shardanell Theo & Ch. Glitters Night  in Bruges.
We are very happy and are looking forward to the puppies from this combination.

08/24 and 25/2019 Matheo

We can’t believe it. This weekend Matheo wins the champion class twice with all titles and a res. CACIB.
In total, Matheo will receive 2 CAC Club, DRC and GRC and 3 CAC-VDH this weekend. Then he receives the res. CACIB.
Matheo is shown for the third time in champion class and wins the champion class for the third time in a row.
All of this at the age of only 2.5 years.

We are so proud of him!!!

08/25/2019 Matheo

German Winner Show Leipzig 2019
Champion class Ex.1, CAC – DRC, double CAC – VDH, res. CACIB
A big thank you to Karolina Simunkova, who presented Matheo so successfully. You can find Matheo’s judge’s report on his “Show Results” page.

08/24/2019 Matheo

IDS Leipzig 2019
Champion class Ex.1, CAC – GRC, CAC – VDH
This was the last CAC he needed from the VDH for his VDH Champion title after the waiting period of one year.
You can find the judge’s report on the “Show Results” page.

07/27/2019 Matheo

4. SRA Pfronten
Being a new champion now, Matheo can be shown in champion class for the first time. He is placed first and gets all titles. Ex. 1, CAC-DRC, CAC-VDH
We are very proud of his first success in champion class and thank the judge Gisela Werner very much for the placing.

06/29/2019 Matheo

23rd Open-Air SRA Stuhr – Heiligenrode
Matheo wins a strong open class and is awarded Ex. 1, CAC – DRC, CAC – VDH from the Danish judge Lene Johansen.
This show was the first opportunity for Matheo after the waiting period one year to win the last CAC DRC required for the “German Champion DRC”.
We can now apply for Matheo’s title at the age of 27 months.
We are so proud of our boy!!
Despite the very hot weather, Matheo presented himself as happy and free in the ring as always.
A big thank you goes to my husband Peter, who always presents Matheo so well in movement in the ring.
You can find the judge’s report on the Matheo page under “Show Results”.

05/26/2019 Matheo

Special Breed Show Itzehoe
Matheo got an Ex. 3 in a large open class. He presented himself very nicely, he was friendly and happy in the ring.
Matheo received an Ex. 3 and a very nice judge’s report.

05/25/2019 Matheo

International Dog Show Neumünster 2019
Once again we are overwhelmed by Matheo and this day.

In a very strong open class, Matheo was placed first with Ex. 1 and received the CAC GRC, CAC VDH and also was second best Golden male of the show and received the res. CACIB.

Matheo gets a really beautiful judge’s report from Simone Nester, D (Elysian Blonds)
You can find the report on the “Show Results” page.

For me, the most important thing is his joyful, cheerful temperament, which he has proven once again over the entire weekend.

05/19/2019 Matheo

VDH European Winner Show Dortmund 2019
Again, as the youngest male in the open class, Matheo gets an Ex. 2, res.Anw.Dt Ch.VDH
He gets the full CAC at the European Winner Show.
We are so proud of our Matheo and can hardly believe how successful he has been in the open class so far. A big thank you to the English judge Mrs. Gillian Wicklow for Matheo’s the very nice judge’s report.

05/15/2019 Matheo

Clara’s and Matheo’s babies are born!!!
(JCH Shardanell Theo & Classic Clara vom Goldenen Kleeblatt)
Clara gave birth to 6 perfect puppies. Unfortunately, four more did not make it. A happy Clara and 6 babies are now sharing the whelping box and will definitely shake up the lives of Daniela and Hendrik Schütze and of course Clara in the weeks to come!!!

05/05/2019 Matheo

1. SRA Zeestow
On the second day, Matheo also wins the open class again.
The Scottish judge, Mr. Frank Whyte, also picks Matheo as the Best Male in Show.
Matheo received the BOS twice and the title Winner Brandenburg 2019 on just one weekend. We can hardly believe it and are so unspeakably proud of our “little one”!!!

05/04/2019 Matheo

Brandenburg Winner Show
Matheo is shown in a strong open class. As the youngest golden in this class, Matheo wins Ex. 1, CAC DRC, CAC VDH
He becomes Best Male in Show, BOS under the English judge Mrs. Hilary Male.
Matheo wins the title Winner Brandenburg 2019

04/28/2019 Matheo

1. SRA Leipzig GRC
Matheo is shown for the second time in the open class and as the youngest dog he wins the open class, Ex.1 CAC, CAC VDH
Matheo not only wins the open class, but is also Best of Breed – BOB with just 24 months.
We are overwhelmed and speechless!
Matheo enjoys the day with a lot of temperament and happiness, but we didn’t expect anything else from him!

MATHEO, sein erstes BOB

04/06/2019 Matheo

SRA Cloppenburg GRC
Matheo, at the age of 24 months, is shown in the open class for the first time, a strong class with 17 males, some of them very successful. We can hardly believe it, we are very happy!
The Irish judge Brian Moran placed Matheo with Ex. 2, CAC-R, res. Anw Dt.Ch. VDH

04/04/2019 Matheo

Clara and Matheo had a successful date. Clara is expecting puppies from Matheo!
Now we have to wait patiently till the puppies are born.

03/12/2019 Matheo

On March 12th, the bitch Classic Clara vom Goldenen Kleeblatt was mated by Matheo.
Now we all have to wait and see what the ultrasound will show!

News 2018

12/09/2018 Matheo

At the International Show, Matheo is shown in a strong intermediate class and wins the class! Then he becomes Best Male in Show!! Ex. 1, CAC – DRC, CAC – VDH, neutral CAC, BOS. We are very happy with this success!!

08/26/2018 Matheo

German Winner Show Leipzig
At the German Winner Show, Matheo wins the intermediate class!! Ex. 1, CAC.
He gets the res. CACIB. This res. CACIB will be counted as a full CACIB, because the first placed male is already an International Beauty Champion. So Matheo gets his first qualification for the International Beauty Champion!!!!! What a weekend!!!

08/25/2018 Matheo

CACIB Leipzig
Matheo wins the intermediate class. Ex. 1, CAC VDH

08/05/2018 Matheo

CACIB Giessen
At the International Show, Matheo wins the intermediate class! Ex. 1, CAC-DRC, CAC-VDH

07/14/2018 Matheo

SRA Club Show Neukirchen-Vlyn
Shown for the second time in the intermediate class, Matheo got the Ex. 2, res. CAC!!!

06/24/2018 Matheo

SRA Winsen DRC
For the first time in the intermediate class, Matheo wins this strong class!!
Ex. 1, CAC-Club, CAC-VDH
So young, he already gets his first qualification for the adult championship title.

06/03/2018 Matheo

CACIB Neumünster
At the International Breed Show, Matheo wins the junior class!!
With this CAC he gets the title GRC Junior Champion!!!
We are happy and proud of our “little one”!!

06/02/2018 Matheo

SRA Itzehoe GRC
In a strong junior class, Matheo got Ex. 1, CAC -J, CAC-J VDH

05/05/2018 Matheo

SRA Diedersdorf  DRC
The 2nd time in the junior class, Matheo wins Ex. 1, J-CAC Club and VDH!!!
The title of the day is the Brandenburg Junior Winner 2018

03/10/2018 Matheo

CACIB Offenburg
For the first time in the junior class, Matheo was placed second with Ex. 2, res. CAC, VDH res. CAC.

News 2017

11/25/2017 Matheo

SRA Cloppenburg
In a strong puppy class, Matheo was placed Ex. 1.
What we love best is the way he masters this day, with all this joy and fun he has!!

11/08/2017 Matheo

German Winner Show Leipzig
Puppy class vp 1!!

10/14/2017 Matheo

National Winner Show Dortmund
For the first time at a big show, in the puppy class, Matheo wins his class, vp 1!

09/09/2017 Matheo

SRA Erkrath GRC
Matheo’s first show!! He had so much fun and was very open to everything!!
Matheo got vp 1 and was best baby of the show.